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Slate and Tile Roofs

Today, slate and tile roofs are viewed as a luxury.

The curb appeal on both is unlike the other building material . you'll expect slate and tile to last for an honest a part of a century, sometimes even 150 years! As you'll imagine, the downside to slate and tile roofs are the expensive prices that accompany installation or repairs. Throughout the years, Tucson Roofing has been fortunate to gather inventory of various color and sizes to form installation and repairs much easier for the customer. On many roles , we will keep the worth less than our competitors because we've the inventory easily available to finish the job!

Why Slate?

most owners are surprised to seek out that slate is out there in many various sizes, thicknesses, and colors . Colors starting from green, purple, black or maybe a mottled color (blend of colors).
Slates are installed with minimal waste, so their environmentally friendly. When installing common asphalt shingles, roofing companies add in waste factor (5,10 or maybe 20%) counting on the work . These shingles are then dumped into your local landfills. Taking in waste and their longevity, slate roofs make an excellent green roof.

Why Tile?

Tile is specifically designed for long lasting performance. the size of tile provides natural water shedding and ventilation advantages compared to other roofing materials. Adding in its strength and weight, tile roofs are the simplest at giving homeowners true long-lasting beauty. Like slate, tiles are available a good sort of shapes, colors and sizes. Tiles are often flat, rounded (above picture), or maybe resemble a wood shake. Tiles also hold their color. thanks to the natural and sturdy products wont to make tile, manufacturers will often warranty their tiles against fading for 50 years.

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